Welcome to the web site of the Centre County Down Syndrome Society (CCDSS), an affiliate of the National Down Syndrome Society and the National Down Syndrome Congress. The CCDSS was organized by a group of families in the Centre County PA region who recognized a need for, and wanted to provide, a local informational and support resource network. This site has been designed as a resource for families who have received either a prenatal (during pregnancy) or postnatal (after birth) diagnosis of Down Syndrome, as well as for healthcare professionals seeking to provide their patients with more informed, comprehensive service.

The main goal of CCDSS is to let parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives, friends, community members, and healthcare professionals know that individuals with Down Syndrome are unique, energetic, capable, loving people who exist right here in Centre County and throughout the country and world. They play, laugh, go to school, work, love, and contribute like the rest of us. If you are a parent of a child that has been diagnosed prenatally or postnatally with DS, we want you to know that while raising a child with DS may be challenging, complex, exciting and, at times, a struggle, the same can be said for raising any child. No matter what, raising a child with DS shouldn't be viewed as a prospect that inspires fear, anxiety, or sadness.

The pages on this website have been constructed based on the contributions of a number of member families and what they thought they would have wanted to see in terms of information and support when they first received their diagnosis of DS. The information contained herein is intended to answer some of your basic questions and address some basic issues regarding DS. It is also intended as a starting point, as many external links are provided for those wishing to pursue more in-depth research. Additionally, member families and friends of CCDSS are listed here as a resource, with the idea that if you do find yourself anxious, scared, or confused about an issue associated with a child or adult with DS, we are more than willing to discuss our experiences and what knowledge we have accrued as a group, either in person, via e-mail or by phone. Please feel free to explore the website and contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions.